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雨天日数が増えると、その地域の経済成長が鈍化する可能性のあることが、全球規模の研究によって示唆された。今回の研究では、人為的な気候変動が世界経済に悪影響を及ぼす可能性のあることが浮き彫りになった。この研究知見を記述した論文がNature に掲載される。


今回、Leonie Wenzとその他2名の研究者は、77か国1544地域における過去40年間の日降水量データと各地域の経済生産性高を組み合わせて、降水量の変化が経済成長に及ぼす影響をモデル化した。その結果、雨天日数または日降水量が極端に多い日(1979~2019年のそれぞれの年に日降水量の分布の99.9パーセンタイルを超えた日数の合計)が増えると、経済成長が鈍化することが明らかになった。また、Wenzたちは、高所得国やサービス業と製造業の両部門が、日降水量の増加によって最も強く阻害されるという見解を示している。Wenzたちの分析では、過去の月間平均とは異なる干ばつが経済的損失につながる可能性も示された。


An increase in the number of wet days a region experiences may lead to a reduction in economic growth, suggests a global study published in Nature. The findings highlight the potential negative impact that human-induced climate change could have on the global economy.

Changes in the Earth’s hydrological cycle are anticipated as a result of anthropogenic climate change. Water availability affects agricultural productivity, labour outcomes and conflict, and flash flooding can cause damage and impact economic output. However, rainfall changes are difficult to model or are assessed on a single country basis, making it difficult to estimate the global economic cost of rainfall induced by climate change.

Leonie Wenz and colleagues combined data on daily rainfall with subnational economic output for 1,544 regions across 77 countries over the past 40 years to model the impact of rainfall change on economic growth. The authors found that an increase in the number of wet days or extreme daily rainfall — the annual total of rain on days that exceed the 99.9th percentile of the distribution of daily rainfall between 1979–2019 — leads to a reduction in economic growth. They suggest that higher-income nations and the service and manufacturing sectors are most strongly hindered by increases in daily rainfall. Their analysis also indicates that droughts that differ from historical monthly means may lead to economic losses.

The authors argue that their findings demonstrate that our previous understanding of the economic effects of rainfall changes was incomplete. They conclude that further research is needed to quantify the impacts of future changes in rainfall on economic growth.

doi: 10.1038/s41586-021-04283-8

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