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英国グロスターシャーの約5700年前の新石器時代の墓に埋葬された35人の詳細な遺伝的解析が行われ、この古代社会を支配していた親族関係のルールを解明するための新たな手掛かりが得られた。この知見について報告する論文が、Nature に掲載される。今回の研究から、この社会では、養子縁組が行われていたと考えられ、父系の子孫と母系の子孫の両方が重要視された一夫多妻の社会であった可能性が暗示されている。

全ての遺体は、ヘイゼルトンノースに埋葬されていた。ヘイゼルトンノースは、前期新石器時代の長い石塚で、その中には、2つのL字型の部屋が向かい合って位置しており、それぞれnorth(北)とsouth(南)と命名されている。今回、David Reichたちは、古代DNAから抽出したゲノム規模のデータと考古学的分析を組み合わせて、35人中27人が同じ家族に属することを明らかにした。この家族は、5世代にわたる系統で、1人の男性と4人の女性の子孫によって構成されている。



A detailed genetic analysis of 35 individuals interred in a Neolithic tomb in Gloucestershire, England about 5,700 years ago offers new insights into the kinship rules that governed this ancient society. The study, published this week in Nature, hints at a possibly polygamous society in which adoption may have occurred, and paternal and maternal lines of descent were both important.

The individuals were all entombed in Hazelton North, an Early Neolithic long cairn containing two opposed, L-shaped chambers, dubbed ‘north’ and ‘south’. Combining archaeological analyses with genome-wide data extracted from ancient DNA, David Reich and colleagues found that 27 of the individuals belonged to the same family; a five-generation lineage descended from one male and four females.

Fifteen of the individuals are connected via the male line, which suggests a paternal influence, while the non-random positioning of the mothers’ descendants indicates that the maternal line was also important. Descendants from two of the females were interred in the southern chambers, whilst descendants from the other two females were interred in the northern chambers. This finding suggests that maternal sub-lineages were grouped into branches whose distinctiveness was recognised during the tomb’s construction.

The team also identified four males whose mothers were part of the lineage, but whose fathers were not. This finding may indicate that adoptive kinship might have been as important as biological kinship. Eight individuals who were not close biological relatives of the main lineage were also present in the tomb, and although their significance is uncertain, they highlight the possibility that non-biological kinship was also important to this community.

doi: 10.1038/s41586-021-04241-4

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