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人間が物や考え、状況の改善を求められた時、その要素の一部を引くのではなく、新しい要素を足す傾向があることを報告する論文が、Nature に掲載される。その結果として、新たな要素を加えて問題を解決する方法が採用され、特定の要素を除去する方法は、たとえ優れた代替案であっても検討されない可能性がある。


今回、Gabrielle Adams、Benjamin Converseたちの研究チームは、1153人が参加した実験で、さまざまな課題(例えば、幾何学パズルを解くこと、レゴで作られた構造物の安定性を高めること、ミニチュアゴルフコースを改良すること)に対する参加者の反応を調べた。その結果、参加者には、新しい要素を足す解決策を好む傾向が見られ、既存の要素を減らす解決策は、たとえ単純でより良いものであっても、日常的に見過ごされることが分かった。


When asked to improve objects, ideas and situations, people tend to add extra elements rather than removing them, a Nature study reveals. As a result, additive solutions to problems may be accepted without considering potentially superior alternatives that involve subtracting elements.

Improving objects and ideas — such as developing a technology or strengthening an argument — can be done either by adding novel features, or by subtracting to streamline the object or idea. However, to manage the fatigue of searching through all of the possible options, people tend to limit the number of ideas that they consider, often leading to suboptimal solutions.

In experiments involving 1,153 participants, Gabrielle Adams, Benjamin Converse and colleagues looked at the way people responded to a diverse array of problems, including solving a geometrical puzzle, stabilizing a Lego structure and improving a miniature golf course. They found that the participants tended to favour additive solutions, and routinely overlooked subtractive options, even when the latter offered simpler and better solutions.

Follow-up experiments suggest that subtractive changes are cognitively less accessible to people, and so the default strategy becomes one of addition. The authors conclude that this may be one reason why people struggle to mitigate problems such as overburdened schedules, institutional red tape and damaging impacts on the planet.

After the embargo ends, the full paper will be available at:

doi: 10.1038/s41586-021-03380-y

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