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1970~2017年に全世界で生物学的侵入(固有の生息地以外の場所への生物種の導入と拡散)に伴って発生した費用が、少なくとも1兆2880億ドル(約144兆6800億円)であったことを報告する論文が、今週、Nature に掲載される。


今回、Christophe Diagneたちは、InvaCostデータベースを用いて、全世界の生物学的侵入の金銭的影響を評価した。その結果、人間社会では、生物学的侵入によって経済的費用が発生していることが明らかになり、1970~2017年に少なくとも1兆2880億ドルの損失と費用が発生したと推算された。それによれば、この研究期間中に、年平均費用が10年ごとに3倍に増えており、Diagneたちは、2017年には平均費用が470億ドル(約5兆2800億円)を超えた可能性があると推定している。報告されている中で経済的影響が最も大きいのは、無脊椎動物の侵入種であり、影響評価が行われた期間中の年平均費用は87億ドル(約9800億円)だった。地域別では、北米が、侵入種による費用の記録が最も多額(年間平均110億ドル、約1兆2400億円)だった。


Biological invasions — the introduction and spread of a species outside its native habitat — have resulted in at least US$1.288 trillion (2017 US dollars) in associated costs worldwide between 1970 and 2017, according to a study published online in Nature this week.

The introduction of invasive alien species can have negative effects on biodiversity, human health and the economy. The economic impacts can include losses of goods and services, as well as money spent on managing biological invasions. As globalization and climate change exacerbate the risk of these invasions, a reliable worldwide economic impact assessment is needed to quantify the associated costs.

Using the InvaCost database, Christophe Diagne and colleagues assessed the monetary impacts of invasions worldwide. The authors found that invasions are economically costly to human societies and estimate that they produced a minimum of US$1.288 trillion in losses and expenses from 1970 to 2017. Estimates suggest that the annual average cost trebled every 10 years over the study period, and the authors predict that the average cost may have exceeded US$47 billion in 2017. Invasive invertebrate species had the greatest reported economic impact, resulting in an average annual cost of US$8.7 billion over the period assessed. At the geographical level, North America was found to incur the highest recorded costs as a result of invasive species (an average of US$11 billion per year).

The authors note that their analysis is based on reported costs and as such the estimates for certain geographies and species may be underestimated. They argue that international agreements are needed to reduce the economic burden of invasive alien species.

After the embargo ends, the full paper will be available at:

doi: 10.1038/s41586-021-03405-6

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