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初期現生人類が複雑な行動を取っていたことを示す証拠が、アフリカ南部の内陸部で見つかったことを報告する論文が、Nature に掲載される。この知見は、ヒト(Homo sapiens)の複雑な行動が沿岸環境で出現したとする最も有力な見解に異議を唱えるものだ。


今回、Jayne Wilkinsたちは、カラハリ砂漠南部の南アフリカ共和国内の海岸線から約600キロメートル内陸に位置するGa-Mohana Hill North岩窟住居遺跡で発見された約10万5000年前の考古学的遺物について報告している。出土した人工遺物の中には、意図的に収集されて持ち込まれたと考えられる方解石結晶が含まれていた。しかし、方解石結晶の実用上のはっきりとした目的は分からなかった。これに加えて、ダチョウの卵殻の破片も発見され、これは、水を貯蔵するために使われた容器の残骸である可能性がある。


Evidence of complex behaviour by early modern humans at an inland site in southern Africa is reported in a Nature study. The findings challenge the dominant view that the complex behaviours of Homo sapiens emerged in coastal environments.

The earliest evidence to date for the use of symbolic resources — such as ochre pigments, non-food shells and decorated artefacts — by modern humans comes from a variety of coastal sites in Africa that date back to between 125,000 and 70,000 years ago.

Jayne Wilkins and colleagues report the discovery of archaeological material dated to approximately 105,000 years ago from the Ga-Mohana Hill North Rockshelter in South Africa in the southern Kalahari Desert, some 600 km inland. The artefacts include calcite crystals that are thought to have been deliberately collected and brought to the site, and that have no obvious utilitarian purpose. They also found fragments of ostrich egg shell, which may represent the remains of containers that were used to store water.

Although previous studies of ancient Kalahari sites have indicated the presence of early humans, none have reported well-dated evidence for complex human behaviours such as the collection of non-utilitarian objects and use of containers. The authors suggest that behavioural innovations by modern humans in inland southern Africa did not lag behind those of populations near the coast.

After the embargo ends, the full paper will be available at:

doi: 10.1038/s41586-021-03419-0

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