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二酸化炭素レベルの上昇に応じて植物生物量が増加すると、土壌が貯蔵できる炭素の量が減少することを、100件以上の実験の分析から明らかにした論文が、Nature に掲載される。このトレードオフは現在の陸上炭素シンクのモデルで考慮されていないので、土壌有機炭素の将来予測を修正する必要があるかもしれない。


大気中の二酸化炭素レベルが上昇すると、植物と土壌の両方が炭素を隔離する能力が高まるという仮説があるが、今回César Terrerたちは、そうではない可能性を示している。Terrerたちは、108件の二酸化炭素レベル上昇実験のデータを分析して、この逆相関を明らかにした。二酸化炭素レベル上昇の結果として植物生物量が増加すると、土壌の炭素貯蔵量は減少するのである。Terrerたちの実験では、二酸化炭素レベルの上昇によって、草原の土壌炭素貯蔵量は約8%増加したが、森林の炭素貯蔵量は増加しなかった。これは、森林生物量が約23%増加したにもかかわらず、である。


When the biomass of plants increases in response to rising carbon dioxide levels, the amount of carbon the soil is able to store decreases, according to an analysis of over 100 experiments published in Nature. Current models of terrestrial carbon sinks do not account for this trade-off, so future projections may need to be revised.

Terrestrial ecosystems remove about 30% of the carbon dioxide emitted by human activities every year. Plants sequester carbon dioxide as they use photosynthesis to fuel their growth, whereas soils lock carbon away as biomass decays. However, as carbon dioxide emissions continue to rise, it is unclear how this carbon sink may respond.

One hypothesis suggests that rising levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide will increase the ability of both plants and soil to sequester carbon, but César Terrer and colleagues show that this may not be the case. Analysing data from 108 elevated carbon dioxide experiments, the authors reveal an inverse relationship. When plant biomass increases as a result of elevated carbon dioxide levels, storage of carbon in the soil declines. In their experiments, elevated carbon dioxide levels resulted in an increase in soil stocks of carbon in grasslands (by around 8%), but not in forests. This was despite an increase in forest biomass of around 23%.

The authors suggest that this trade-off could be related to the way that plants acquire their nutrients. As plants grow, their roots mine the soil for nutrients. This may decrease the ability of the soil to sequester carbon, the authors conclude.

After the embargo ends, the full paper will be available at:

doi: 10.1038/s41586-021-03306-8

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