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ハヤブサが渡りに使う経路は、最終氷期以降の環境の変化によって形成されてきたことを報告する論文が、Nature に掲載される。この論文では、渡りの距離が遺伝的要因の影響を受けたことの証拠も示されている。


今回、Xiangjiang Zhanたちの研究チームは、ユーラシア北極圏の個体群に属する56羽のハヤブサの衛星追跡データと35羽のハヤブサのゲノムデータを組み合わせて、ハヤブサの渡りを調べた。その結果、ユーラシア大陸では5つの経路が渡りに使われており、これらの経路は、最終氷期極大期(約2万~3万年前)以降の環境の変化によって形成されたことが分かった。また、渡りの距離の長いハヤブサは、ADCY8遺伝子の優性(顕性)の遺伝型を有することも明らかになり、Zhanたちは、これが長期記憶の発達と関連している可能性があるという見解を示している。


The migratory routes used by the peregrine falcon have been shaped by environmental changes since the last Ice Age, reports a study published in Nature. The paper also presents evidence that the distance travelled during migration is influenced by a genetic factor.

Millions of migratory birds have seasonally favourable breeding grounds in the Arctic, but spend their winters in different locations across Eurasia. However, little is known about the formation, maintenance and future of their migration routes or the genetic determinants of migratory distance.

Xiangjiang Zhan and colleagues combined satellite-tracking data from 56 peregrine falcons from Eurasian Arctic populations with genome data from 35 peregrines to study the migrations of this species. The authors found that five migratory routes were used across Eurasia, which have been shaped by environmental changes since the Last Glacial Maximum (around 20,000–30,000 years ago). Peregrines that migrated longer distances were also found to have a dominant genotype of the gene ADCY8 that — the authors suggest — may be associated with the development of long-term memory.

The authors propose that, in a changing global climate, peregrines in western Eurasia may suffer the highest probability of population declines, move to new wintering areas or perhaps stop migrating altogether. They conclude that using ecological interactions and evolutionary processes to study climate-driven changes in migration could help to facilitate the conservation of migratory birds.

After the embargo ends, the full paper will be available at:

doi: 10.1038/s41586-021-03265-0

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