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スイスのオンライン採用プラットフォームの調査から、移民や少数民族出身の求職者は、採用担当者からの接触率が4~19%低いことを明らかにした論文が、Nature に掲載される。今回の研究では、ジェンダーによる差別の証拠も見つかった。


今回、Dominik Hangartnerたちの研究チームは、求人サイトでの採用担当者の検索行動の追跡と機械学習を組み合わせて、採用担当者が観察できる求職者の重要な特徴を全て管理する、雇用時の差別を調査する方法を開発した。Hangartnerたちは、この方法をスイスの公共職業紹介所の採用プラットフォームに適用した。これは、スイスの求職者が利用する主要なプラットフォームで、失業者として登録された求職者全体の85%が、このプラットフォーム上にプロフィールを登録している。調査の結果、移民と少数民族出身者は、スイス生まれのスイス人よりも採用担当者による接触率が4~19%低いことが判明した。また、男性優位の職業では女性は採用担当者による接触率が7%低く、女性優位の職業では男性が逆のパターンを示した。


Jobseekers who are from immigrant and minority ethnic groups face between 4 and 19% lower contact rates from recruiters using an online Swiss hiring platform, according to a paper published this week in Nature. The research also finds evidence of gender-based discrimination.

Women and individuals from minority ethnic groups experience negative labour market outcomes in many economies around the world, but the extent to which discrimination is responsible for these effects, and the channels through which they occur, is contested. Correspondence tests, wherein researchers send fictitious CVs that are identical except for including jobseeker names that are deemed to sound Black versus white, are an increasingly common method to quantify discrimination in hiring practices; however, they can usually only focus on a few variables at a time.

Dominik Hangartner and colleagues developed an approach to examine hiring discrimination that combines the tracking of recruiters’ search behaviour on an employment website and machine learning to control for all relevant jobseeker characteristics that are visible to recruiters. The authors applied this method to the recruitment platform of the Swiss public employment service, which is the main platform for jobseekers in Switzerland (85% of all jobseekers registered as unemployed have a profile on this platform). The authors found that, depending on their country of origin, individuals from immigrant and minority ethnic groups experience 4–19% lower contact rates than native Swiss citizens. Women experience 7% lower contact rates in male-dominated professions, and the opposite pattern emerges for men in female-dominated professions.

The authors conclude that their approach can provide a cost-efficient, non-intrusive tool that researchers and policy-makers can use to monitor hiring discrimination and inform strategies to counter it.

doi: 10.1038/s41586-020-03136-0

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