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騒音と光害は、鳥類の繁殖にさまざまな影響を及ぼしていることを報告する論文が、Nature に掲載される。この知見は、米国全土で行われた市民科学プロジェクトのデータに基づいており、環境保全の取り組みにおいて、騒音と光害を他の環境要因と一緒に考慮する必要があることを示唆している。


今回、Clinton Francisたちの研究チームは、2000~2014年に市民科学プロジェクトによって5万8506例の巣から収集されたデータを用いて、米国内の142種の鳥類に対する騒音と光害の影響を調べた。Francisたちは、最初の産卵日、一腹卵数、孵化の一部失敗、営巣失敗、巣立ちの成功を調べた上で、人間活動による騒音と光害に関する地理空間データと組み合わせた。その結果、曝露光量の多い鳥類は、曝露光量の少ない鳥類よりも約3~4週間早く産卵を始めていたことが分かった。また、森林のような閉鎖的な生息地を好む鳥類は、明るい場所でのクラッチ数(一腹卵数)が暗い場所よりも約16%多かった。閉鎖的な生息地の鳥は、騒音にさらされるとクラッチ数が減少したが、この影響は、草原や湿地のような開放的な生息地の鳥では観察されなかった。


Noise and light pollution have mixed effects on bird reproduction, reports a paper in Nature. The findings, based on data from a citizen science project across the United States, suggest that noise and light pollution need to be considered alongside other environmental factors in conservation efforts.

Noise and light from human activity is becoming an increasing conservation concern. Previous studies have identified physiological and behavioural responses to these stimuli but how they affect reproductive success, and how effects might vary in different species is not well understood.

Clinton Francis and colleagues examined the influence of noise and light pollution on 142 bird species in the United States, using data collected from 58,506 nests between 2000 and 2014 by a citizen science project. They examined the date of first egg-laying, clutch size, partial hatching success, clutch failure and nest success, which they combined with geospatial data on anthropogenic noise and light pollution. The authors found that birds exposed to more light began laying eggs around three or four weeks earlier than those exposed to less light. They also found that birds that prefer closed habitats, such as forests, produced clutches approximately 16% larger in well-lit versus darker areas. Birds in closed habitats experienced a decline in clutch size with noise exposure, but this effect was not observed in birds from open habitats such as grasslands and wetlands.

The authors conclude that human-generated noise and light can impact bird breeding and fitness with closed habitat birds showing greater sensitivity to noise and light than those in open habitats, underscoring the need to consider these pollutants when implementing biodiversity conservation.

doi: 10.1038/s41586-020-2903-7

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