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過去500年間のヨーロッパにおける洪水事象の分析が行われ、ここ30年間がヨーロッパで最も洪水の多い期間だったことを報告する論文が、Nature に掲載される。この論文では、この30年間が、洪水に関連する季節性、被災域、気温の点で過去の洪水事象と異なることが示唆されている。この知見は、洪水リスクの評価と管理戦略の向上に役立つ可能性がある。


今回、Gunter Bloschlたちの研究チームは、歴史的記録(法定記録、新聞、公的・私的な通信文書)を用いて、1500~2016年にヨーロッパ全土の103の河川で発生した9576件の洪水事象のデータベースを構築し、ヨーロッパの歴史上、一定の時間間隔で洪水が多くなった9つの期間を特定した。これまでに洪水が多かった期間は、その前後の各年よりも低温になる傾向があったが、季節的洪水のリスクは変化しなかった。ところが、今回の研究で直近の洪水の多い時期である1990~2016年を分析したところ、この期間中の気温が、その前後の各年よりもおよそ摂氏1.4度高かったことが分かった。また、この期間中の季節的洪水のリスクが、特に夏季に上昇したことも明らかになった。


The past 30 years have been one of the most flood-rich periods in Europe according to an analysis of the last 500 years of flooding events published in Nature. The paper suggests that this period differs from other historical events owing to the seasonality, extent and air temperatures associated with the flooding. The findings could help to improve flood-risk assessment and management strategies.

In recent decades, flooding in Europe has caused large economic losses, and previous studies have indicated that flooding events are increasing in some regions. However, it is unclear whether this current trend is characterized by more frequent and bigger floods than usual and whether it differs from flood-rich periods in the past.

Günter Blöschl and colleagues constructed a database of 9,576 flooding events using historical records, including legal records, newspapers, and official and private correspondence, for 103 river reaches across Europe from 1500 to 2016. The authors identify nine flood-rich periods that have occurred over Europe’s history at regular intervals. Previous flood-rich periods tended to be colder than the intervening years, and the risk of seasonal flooding was similar throughout. However, when they analysed the most recent flood-rich period, 1990–2016, they found that it was around 1.4 °C warmer than the intervening years. They also found that the risk of seasonal flooding, especially in the summer, also increased during this period.

The authors indicate that although their data stop in 2016, the flood-rich period may have continued. They highlight the need for flood-risk management and assessment tools that can account for these changes.

doi: 10.1038/s41586-020-2478-3

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