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ペルー人の身長が低いことに関連する遺伝的バリアントが見つかったことを報告する論文が、今週、Nature に掲載される。このバリアントを2コピー有するペルー人(ホモ接合者)は、身長が平均4.4センチメートル低かった。


今回、Soumya Raychaudhuriたちの研究チームは、ペルー人の身長に寄与すると考えられる遺伝的要因を突き止めるため、ペルーのリマに居住する3134人の遺伝的データと身長のデータを入手し、ゲノム規模関連解析(GWAS)を行った。その結果、FBN1遺伝子の変異が見つかった。FBN1遺伝子は、細胞外マトリックス(細胞を支持してその増殖を制御する構造物)に関与するタンパク質をコードしている。次に、Raychaudhuriたちは、598人のペルー人からなる独立のコホートにおいて、この関連を確認した。このバリアント(E1297G)は、対立遺伝子当たり身長を2.2センチメートル低くする効果が認められた。


A genetic variant associated with lower height in the population of Peru is identified in a study published this week in Nature. People who have two copies (that is, are homozygous) of this variant were found to be, on average, 4.4 cm shorter than average.

The population of Peru is among the shortest in the world, with average heights of 165.3 cm and 152.9 cm for men and women, respectively. However, the specific genes and processes responsible for this phenomenon remain unclear.

In order to determine the genetic factors that may contribute to height in this population, Soumya Raychaudhuri and colleagues obtained genetic data and the heights of 3,134 individuals in Lima, Peru. By performing a genome-wide association study the authors identified a mutation in the FBN1 gene, which encodes a protein involved in the extracellular matrix—a framework that supports cells and regulates their growth. They then confirmed their association in an independent cohort of 598 Peruvians. The variant (E1297G) was found to reduce height by 2.2 cm per allele.

The authors then compared the frequency of the mutation among 150 people from three different geographical regions in Peru: the Amazon (28 individuals), coast (46 individuals) and Andes (76 individuals). Here, they found that the variant was more frequent in the coastal population and suggest that shorter stature might be the result of adaptation to factors associated with the coastal environment.

doi: 10.1038/s41586-020-2302-0

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