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呼吸器疾患や下痢を引き起こす肺炎球菌やロタウイルスの予防接種プログラムの拡大や導入によって、低・中所得国の子どもに対する抗生物質の使用を減らせる可能性のあることが明らかになった。この新知見を報告する論文がNature に掲載され、子どもの頃に予防接種を優先的に実施することが、抗菌薬耐性に対処するための世界的戦略の1つになるという考え方が支持されている。

今回、Joseph Lewnardたちの研究チームは、抗生物質耐性の影響が最も大きく現れている低・中所得国で実施された大規模世帯調査のデータを解析し、5歳未満の小児に対する肺炎球菌ワクチンとロタウイルスワクチンの接種が抗生物質の使用に及ぼす影響を評価した。その結果、抗生物質によって治療される呼吸器感染症の24.8%、下痢性感染症の21.6%が、肺炎球菌ワクチンとロタウイルスワクチンに感受性のある病原体によって引き起こされることが分かった。肺炎球菌結合型ワクチンまたはロタウイルスワクチンを接種された小児は、ワクチン未接種の小児と比べて、抗生物質によって治療される呼吸器感染症と下痢性感染症の発症率がそれぞれ8.7%、8.1%低かった。


The scaling up or introduction of vaccination programmes for pneumococcus and rotavirus, which cause respiratory illness and diarrhoea, has the potential to reduce antibiotic use in children in low- and middle-income countries. The findings, which are published in Nature, support the prioritization of childhood vaccines as part of the global strategy to combat antimicrobial resistance.

Joseph Lewnard and colleagues analysed data from large-scale household surveys conducted in low- and middle-income countries - where the greatest impacts of antibiotic resistance are felt - to estimate the impact of pneumococcal and rotavirus vaccines on antibiotic use in children under five years of age. They found that 24.8% of antibiotic-treated respiratory infections and 21.6% of diarrhoeal infections were caused by pathogens that were susceptible to these vaccines. Children who had received the pneumococcal conjugate or rotavirus vaccines had 8.7% and 8.1% lower chances of antibiotic-treated respiratory and diarrhoeal infections, respectively, compared with unvaccinated children.

The authors estimated that current pneumococcal and rotavirus vaccination programmes prevent approximately 23.8 million episodes of antibiotic-treated respiratory illness and 13.6 million episodes of antibiotic-treated diarrhoeal illnesses among children in low- and middle-income countries annually. An additional 40 million episodes of antibiotic-treated illness may be prevented if coverage levels were improved in countries in which these vaccines are already being used and through the introduction of vaccines in countries in which children do not yet receive them.

doi: 10.1038/s41586-020-2238-4

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