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今回、Shravya Shettyたちの研究グループは、乳房X線像のスクリーニングによって乳がんを検出できるディープラーニング(深層学習型)AIモデルを開発し、英国(2万5856例)と米国(3097例)の2種類の大規模な乳房X線像データセットを用いて、このAIシステムを評価した。Shettyたちは、このAIモデルを用いることで、偽陽性の絶対的減少(米国5.7%減、英国1.2%減)と偽陰性の絶対的減少(米国9.4%減、英国2.7%減)が起こることを明らかにした。これとは別に独立して実施された研究では、このAIシステムは6人の放射線科医全員の検出成績を上回った。また、このAIシステムを二重読影過程(英国では乳房X線像のスクリーニング過程で2人の放射線科医がそれぞれ読影を行う)で使用すると、第2の読影者の作業負荷が88%減る可能性も明らかになった。

An artificial intelligence (AI) system capable of surpassing expert radiologists in the ability to detect breast cancer is reported in a paper published in Nature this week. This deep-learning model may contribute to prospective clinical trials to improve the accuracy and efficiency of breast cancer screening.

Many developed nations have implemented large-scale mammography screening programmes to detect breast cancer as early as possible. Despite the widespread adoption of mammography, the interpretation of these images remains challenging. There is high variability in accuracy achieved by experts in cancer detection and the performance of even the best clinicians leaves room for improvement. False positives can lead to patient anxiety, unnecessary follow-up appointments and invasive diagnostic procedures.

Shravya Shetty and colleagues developed a deep-learning AI model that could identify breast cancer by screening mammograms and evaluated this AI system using two large datasets from the UK (25,856 mammograms) and USA (3,097 mammograms). Using the model, the authors show an absolute reduction of 5.7% and 1.2% (USA and UK, respectively) in false positives and 9.4% and 2.7% (USA and UK, respectively) in false negatives. The AI system outperformed all six radiologists in an independently conducted study. They also found that using the AI system in the double-reading process — in the UK, the mammogram is read by two radiologists during screening — could reduce the second reader’s workload by 88%.

doi: 10.1038/s41586-019-1799-6

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