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今回、Yuanqing Wangたちは、中国遼寧省の九仏堂層で発見された多丘歯目哺乳類(齧歯類様哺乳類の分類群)の新種Jeholbaatar kielanaeの化石について記述している。Wangたちは、この化石が約1億2000万年前のものであり、この哺乳類動物の体重を約50グラムと推定している。左中耳骨の保存状態が良好だったため、以前に報告された白亜紀の多丘歯目哺乳類よりも独自の構造が明らかになり、その構成要素もより完全な形を保持している。Jeholbaatar kielanaeの化石によって得られた証拠は、多丘歯目哺乳類の中耳の発達が、摂食に必要な条件によって誘発されたことを示唆している。Wangたちは、下頬部の形状から判断して、Jeholbaatar kielanaeが雑食性で、蠕虫、節足動物、植物を餌として、咀嚼時の顎の動きが特徴的だったという見解を示している。

The discovery of a new species of rodent-like mammal from the Cretaceous of China that had ears that were distinct from those of its relatives is reported in Nature. The findings suggest that the evolution of its auditory apparatus may have been driven by specializations for feeding.

Fossil evidence suggests that the evolution of the mammalian ear, in which elements of the jaw slowly migrated into the cranium to form the tiny bones of the middle ear, occurred independently at least three times. However, how and why this process took place in different groups of mammals remains unresolved.

Yuanqing Wang and colleagues describe a fossil of a new species of multituberculate (a group of rodent-like mammals) called Jeholbaatar kielanae, discovered in the Jiufotang Formation in the Liaoning Province of China. The authors report that the fossil is approximately 120 million years old and estimate that the animal would have weighed around 50 grams. Owing to the well-preserved nature of the left middle-ear bones, the specimen reveals a unique configuration with more complete components than those previously reported in Cretaceous multituberculates. Evidence provided by Jeholbaatar would suggest that the development of the middle ear in multituberculates was triggered by requirements for feeding. Based on the shape of the lower cheek, they suggest that Jeholbaatar would have had an omnivorous diet, feeding on worms, arthropods and plants, and had a distinct jaw movement while chewing.

doi: 10.1038/s41586-019-1792-0

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