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今回のJohn Rogersたちの論文では、ワイヤレスで電池不要の電子システムと装着型高感度インターフェースが紹介され、皮膚とのインターフェースの快適性と柔軟性を高めるための材料、デバイス構造、電源供給戦略と情報伝達方法が提示されている。このVR用の「皮膚」は、柔軟な軟質材料に埋め込まれた振動アクチュエーターのアレイを介して、電子的にプログラム可能な情報伝達と身体への快適な感覚入力ができる。Rogersたちは、数々の応用例を通して、このVR用の「皮膚」の能力を実証した。この電子システムを利用すれば、例えば、ソーシャルメディアを介して自分の手が触れる感触を大切な人に送信でき、義手でつかんだ物体の形状を再現することもできる。また、コンピューターゲームの対戦型格闘ゲームのプレーヤーが装着すれば、自分と対戦相手の攻撃を体感することもできる。

A wireless, touch-sensitive interface that can softly layer over skin is reported in a paper published this week in Nature. This apparatus can communicate information through mechanical vibrations and can be used as a virtual-reality (VR) synthetic skin with applications in social media, prosthetic control and video gaming.

Many previous approaches to create a communicative VR ‘skin’ relied on collections of wired electrodes pressed against the wearer’s body. The electrodes would produce vibrations to simulate sensory experiences. However, finding the appropriate combinations of voltages and currents to create the desired responses without pain or electrically induced lesions on the skin proved challenging.

To produce a more comfortable and flexible interface, John Rogers and colleagues present materials, device structures, power-delivery strategies and communication schemes for a wireless, battery-free platform of electronic systems and wearable, sensitive interfaces. This VR skin is capable of electronically programmable communication and comfortable sensory input to the body via an array of vibrating actuators embedded in a soft, flexible material. The authors demonstrate its ability through a number of applications. For instance, this system can be used to transmit touch to a loved one through social media and to reproduce the shape of an object held in a prosthetic hand, and it can also be worn by video gamers to feel strikes when playing combat video games.

doi: 10.1038/s41586-019-1687-0

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