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小規模な表面地形(例えば、廃棄物埋立処分場)やインフラストラクチャー要素(例えば、石油・天然ガス処理施設)からの高濃度メタンの排出を削減することは、気候変動の緩和に役立つ。今回、Riley Durenたちの研究グループは、カリフォルニア州内のメタンの点状発生源からの排出状況をモニタリングするため、メタンプルームのマッピングを迅速に行える航空機搭載型分光計を用いて、27万2000か所以上のインフラストラクチャー要素を調査した。2016年から2018年までに堆肥・廃棄物管理部門と石油・ガス部門を対象とした野外調査が数か月にわたって5回実施され、強力なメタンの点状発生源(564か所)の検出、位置情報の特定と排出量の定量化が行われた。Durenたちは、メタンの点状発生源からの排出に最も大きく寄与したのが廃棄物埋立処分場で、酪農業、石油・ガス部門がそれに続くことを明らかにした。


A third of California’s methane output in 2016 came from localized single sources, with only ten per cent of these so-called point sources (less than ten metres in diameter) contributing to 60 per cent of the total point source emissions, reports a paper published this week in Nature. Some mitigation of methane emissions has already been achieved after preliminary data was shared with the super-emitters.

Reducing highly concentrated methane emissions from small surface features or infrastructure components, such as landfill sites or oil- and natural-gas-processing facilities, can help mitigate climate change. To monitor point-source emissions in California, Riley Duren and colleagues surveyed over 272,000 infrastructure elements using an airborne spectrometer capable of rapidly mapping methane plumes. They conducted five campaigns over several months from 2016 to 2018, spanning the manure- and waste-management and oil and gas sectors. This resulted in the detection, geolocation and quantification of 564 strong methane point sources. The authors found that landfills make the largest contribution to methane point-source emissions, followed by dairies and the oil and gas sector.

Sharing the observations with collaborating facility operators directly led to mitigation of the methane sources detected by the survey, the authors note. For example, leaks in gas lines and storage tanks were fixed after being discovered by the researchers.

doi: 10.1038/s41586-019-1720-3

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