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今回、Jianping Fuたちの研究グループは、ヒトPSCを培養するための制御可能な環境を実現し、それによって合成モデル系の効率と再現性が向上することを実証した。Fuたちは、3つの微小流路(細胞を埋め込むことができる材料を保持するための流路、細胞を装填するための流路、幹細胞の分化を促進する因子を送達するための流路)からなるマイクロ流体デバイスを開発した。Fuたちは、このデバイスを使って、ヒト胚の初期発生段階で幹細胞が主要な細胞系列に分化する過程を制御し、胚性のものに似た人工の嚢を作製した。この嚢には、生存可能な胚を作製するために必要な特定の細胞種が含まれていない。また、Fuたちは、胚発生における重要な事象を引き起こす特定の細胞種を突き止めた。

A device that successfully recapitulates key processes following human embryo implantation may improve our understanding of early human embryonic development. The system, described in Nature this week, circumvents bioethical issues associated with studying human embryos by using human pluripotent stem cells (PSCs) in a carefully controlled environment.

Efforts to study early embryo development after implantation into the uterus have been limited by suboptimal cell culture protocols and bioethical guidelines prohibiting the use of cultured human embryos beyond 14 days post-fertilization. Human and mouse PSCs (which can differentiate into specialized cell types) have been used to model post-implantation embryonic development, but such systems have had limited success in reproducing crucial developmental events.

Jianping Fu and colleagues demonstrate a controllable environment for culturing human PSCs that can improve the efficiency and reproducibility of synthetic model systems. They have developed a microfluidic device that comprises three channels: one for holding a material in which cells can embed, one for loading stem cells, and another for delivering factors to stimulate stem cell differentiation. The device enables the authors to control the differentiation of stem cells towards major cell lineages that arise in early human embryos, producing synthetic embryonic-like sacs. These sacs lack specific cell types needed to produce viable embryos. The authors also identify specific cell types that drive key events in embryo development.

doi: 10.1038/s41586-019-1535-2

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