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南東ヨーロッパは、現生人類がアフリカから分散する際の主要な回廊だったと考えられている。1970年代後半にはギリシャ南部のApidima洞窟でヒト頭蓋骨の化石が2点発見されたが、考古学的脈絡が欠如しており、断片化された状態であったため、この2つの化石標本を詳細に記述した研究論文はなかった。今回、Katerina Harvatiたちの研究グループは、最新の年代測定法と画像化技術を用いて、これら2点の頭蓋骨化石(Apidima 1、Apidima 2)の詳細な比較分析を行った。

Apidima 2は、ネアンデルタール人に似た特徴[例えば、太く、丸みのある眉弓(眼窩上隆起)]があり、年代測定により17万年以上前のものとされた。Apidima 1には、現生人類とその祖先種の特徴が混在しており、例えば、現生人類の独自の特徴である丸みを帯びた後頭蓋(頭蓋の後部)がある。Apidima 1の年代測定では、少なくとも21万年前のものとされ、過去の研究報告によってヨーロッパで最古のものとされていたホモ・サピエンスを15万年以上もさかのぼる。


An approximately 210,000-year-old skull found in Greece represents the earliest evidence for modern humans in Eurasia, reports a study published online in Nature this week. A second skull from the same site is estimated to be 170,000 years old and has Neanderthal features. These findings provide support that modern humans dispersed out of African earlier, reaching further, than previously thought.

Southeast Europe is considered to be a major corridor for the dispersal of modern humans out of Africa. Two fossilized human skulls were discovered in Apidima Cave, southern Greece, in the late 1970s, but had not been described in detail owing to the lack of associated context and the fragmented nature of the specimens. Katerina Harvati and colleagues use modern dating and imaging techniques to perform a detailed comparative analysis of the two skulls, which are identified as Apidima 1 and Apidima 2.

Apidima 2 shows Neanderthal-like features, such as a thick, rounded brow ridge (supraorbital torus), and dates to more than 170,000 years ago. Apidima 1 has a combination of modern human and ancestral features, such as a rounded posterior cranium (back of the skull), a characteristic unique to modern humans. It is at least 210,000 years old, predating the previously reported oldest H. sapiens in Europe by more than 150,000 years.

These analyses indicate that modern humans dispersed out of Africa much earlier than previously thought, and support the hypothesis that there were multiple dispersals, the authors conclude.

doi: 10.1038/s41586-019-1376-z

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