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昆虫から着想した飛行ロボット(「RoboBee X-Wing」)が外部電源をつながず持続飛行できることを実証した論文が、今週掲載される。この小型ロボットは、長さが5センチメートル未満、重さはわずか259ミリグラムで、環境モニタリングや狭い空間での飛行に役立つ可能性がある。


今回、Noah Jafferis、Farrell Helblingたちの研究グループは、先行研究に基づいた飛行体を設計することで、これらの問題のいくつかに取り組んだ。著者たちは、アクチュエーターの効率を高め、2枚ではなく4枚の羽ばたき翼を用いて、必要なエネルギー量を大幅に増やさずに揚力を増加させた。この飛行体の推力効率は、ほぼ同サイズの昆虫に匹敵する。また、試験中の飛行体の寿命を延ばすために低電圧で実施されたこの実験で、RoboBee X-Wingは外部電源をつながずに約0.5秒間持続飛行した。


Sustained flight of an untethered flying-insect-inspired robot named the RoboBee X-Wing has been demonstrated in a paper in Nature this week. The small robot is less than five centimetres long, weighs just 259 milligrams, and might be useful for environmental monitoring or navigation in confined spaces.

Flying vehicles have high energy requirements, especially at small scales. Commercially available power sources, such as lithium-ion batteries, can weigh up to several times the desired mass of an insect-sized vehicle; as a result, such robots have needed to be tethered to off-board power supplies. Solar cells are an attractive alternative power source, but for state-of-the-art vehicles untethered flight would require impractically large light intensities, around 5-7 times the intensity of the Sun.

Noah Jafferis, Farrell Helbling and colleagues address some of these issues with a vehicle design that builds on prior work. They improve the actuator efficiency and use four flapping wings (instead of two) to increase the lift force without substantially increasing the power requirements. Its thrust efficiency matches that of similarly sized insects. At the low voltages used in this experiment to improve the lifetime of the vehicle during testing, the robot achieves sustained untethered flight for approximately half a second.

Further improvements are needed to enable continuous outdoor flight, the authors note; the vehicle requires intense light to generate sufficient power for take-off (over three times the intensity of the Sun). However, they add that their vehicle has an extra payload capacity that could carry a larger power supply for future autonomous flight experiments.

doi: 10.1038/s41586-019-1322-0

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