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今回、Bing Liたちの研究グループは、さまざまな柔粘性結晶で、圧力によって熱エネルギーが大きく変化することを実証した。検討対象材料の1つであるネオペンチルグリコールでは、約389ジュール毎キログラム毎ケルビンのエネルギー変化が観測された。このように大きな効果が得られた原因は、柔粘性結晶の極めて無秩序な(規則的な格子を形成しない)分子構造にある。比較的小さな圧力で、この分子構造に大きな変化を誘発でき、その結果として大きなエネルギー変化が生み出される。Liたちは、柔粘性結晶はさらなる最適化による効率の改善が必要だが、次世代の固体冷却技術の探求に新たな道を開くと考えられると指摘している。

Plastic crystals may be a promising material for the development of new refrigeration technologies with reduced energy use and environmental impact, suggests a paper in Nature this week. Novel approaches to cooling are desirable, as current refrigeration technologies are estimated to consume around 25-30% of the world’s electricity.

Most conventional refrigeration systems use vapour compression to cool, but there is growing concern about the environmental impact of the materials used in this technology. Solid materials that show a change in temperature in response to an external stimulus, such as pressure, have been proposed as a promising alternative. However, the performance of existing solid-state materials has been limited to low energy changes (only tens of Joules per kilogram per kelvin, J kg-1 K-1), restricting their potential application.

Bing Li and colleagues demonstrate large pressure-driven thermal changes in a variety of plastic crystals. One of the tested materials, called neopentylglycol, produced energy changes of around 389 J kg-1 K-1. This substantial effect is attributed to the molecular structure of plastic crystals, which are highly disordered (that is, they do not have regular lattice formations). Relatively small pressures can induce large changes to these structures and therefore produce large energy changes. These materials require further optimization to improve their efficiency, the authors note, but they may offer a new route for exploring next-generation solid-state refrigeration technologies.

doi: 10.1038/s41586-019-1042-5

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