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今回、Patrick Savageたちの研究グループは、世界史上の数百の社会の社会構造、宗教とその他の領域に関する標準化データを解析して、道徳律に従うことを求める神と社会的複雑性の関係を検証した。この研究では、過去1万年間に世界の30の地域に存在した414の社会の記録を、社会的複雑性の評価基準(51種)と道徳律の超自然的強制の評価基準(4種)に基づいて系統的に符号化した。その結果、道徳律に従うことを求める神への信仰は、社会的複雑性が増した後に起こり、「メガ社会」(人口が約100万人を超える社会)の出現後に起こる傾向のあることが判明した。Savageたちは、道徳律に従うことを求める神への信仰は人間社会の複雑性が増すための必要条件ではなく、社会が一定の規模を超えた時に社会の協調性を維持するために必要な文化的適応だと考えられると主張している。この原因について、Savageたちは、多民族帝国で多種多様な人々を共通の高次権力に従わせるために必要だった可能性があると結論付けている。

Belief in moralizing gods followed the expansion of human societies, rather than being pivotal for the evolution of social complexity, according to a paper published online in Nature this week.

In recent millennia there has been a rise in the spread of ‘prosocial religions’, in which either powerful ‘moralizing gods’ (which enforce a moral code) or more general ‘supernatural punishment’ of moral transgressions (for example, karma in Buddhism) have been postulated. Although previous research has suggested that there is an association between the presence of moralizing gods and social complexity, the relationship between the two is debated.

Patrick Savage and colleagues analysed standardized data on social structure, religion and other domains for hundreds of societies throughout world history to test the relationship between moralizing gods and social complexity. The authors coded records for 414 societies spanning the past 10,000 years from 30 regions around the world, based on 51 measures of social complexity and 4 measures of supernatural enforcement of morality. They found that belief in moralizing gods usually followed the rise of social complexity and tended to appear after the emergence of ‘megasocieties’, which correspond to populations greater than around one million people. The authors argue that a belief in moralizing gods was not a prerequisite for the expansion of complex human societies, but may represent a cultural adaptation that is necessary to maintain cooperation in societies once they have exceeded a certain size. This may result from the need to subject diverse populations in multi-ethnic empires to a common higher-level power, they conclude.

doi: 10.1038/s41586-019-1043-4

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