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今回、Venkatesan Sundaresanたちの研究グループは、種子から無性生殖でイネ(Oryza sativa)を育種する方法の実現可能性を調べた。まず、精細胞に含まれるBABY BOOM1(BBM1)遺伝子は、受精が起こらない場合でも胚形成に重要な役割を担っていることが明らかになった。次にCRISPR/Cas-9によるゲノム編集が行われ、卵細胞でBBM1遺伝子を発現するイネ株の減数分裂(生殖細胞が形成される細胞分裂)が除去された。その結果得られたイネ株は無性生殖で繁殖し、いわゆるSynthetic-Apomictic(S-Apo)株からは、必要とされる遺伝的多様性を備えたクローンの雑種子孫が得られた。この無性生殖の形質は、S-Apoイネの2世代後まで存続した。

Asexual reproduction through seeds has been engineered in rice (a plant that normally reproduces sexually), reports a paper published online in Nature this week. These findings demonstrate the feasibility of asexual reproduction in crops and could represent a significant development in agricultural plant breeding.

Asexual reproduction through seeds occurs naturally in many plant species, but not in the important crop species. Inducing asexual reproduction in crop plants could help promote desired genetic traits in breeding programmes, and enhance so-called ‘hybrid vigour’ (first generation hybrid plants with increased vigour). Hybrids can result in higher crop yields due to greater genetic variety. However, the process that triggers the generation of embryos post-fertilization is not well understood in plants.

Venkatesan Sundaresan and colleagues investigated the feasibility of breeding rice (Oryza sativa) via asexual reproduction through seeds. First, the authors identified that the gene BABY BOOM1 (BBM1), carried by sperm cells, is key to the production of embryos, even in the absence of fertilization. The authors then used CRISPR/Cas-9 genome editing to eliminate meiosis (cell division that produces reproductive cells) in rice strains that expressed BBM1 in egg cells. These strains were able to reproduce asexually and the so-called Synthetic-Apomictic (S-Apo) strain produced clonal, hybrid offspring with desired genetic diversity. The traits for asexual reproduction persisted through two further generations of S-Apo rice.

doi: 10.1038/s41586-018-0785-8

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