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今回、Steven Barrettたちの研究グループは、電気空気力学的推進系を装備した小型の固定翼航空機を設計し、飛行を実証した。この航空機は、翼長が5メートル、機体重量が2.45キログラムで、電源スタックと約500ワットを出力できる高圧電力変換装置からなる特製システムを動力源としている。この航空機は、室内空間で10回の試験飛行を行い、60メートルの飛行に成功し、平均飛行高度は0.47メートルだった。この推進系の推力電力比は、ジェットエンジンのような従来の推進系によって実現されたレベルに匹敵するが、総合効率では劣っている。なお、Barrettたちは、今回設計した航空機では高効率化よりも小型化を優先させたが、将来的には効率を高めた航空機の設計も可能なことを報告している。


The flight of a small aircraft with a solid-state propulsion system, as opposed to an engine with moving parts, is described in a paper published this week in Nature. These findings open up possibilities for aircraft that are quieter, mechanically simpler, and do not emit combustion emissions.

Historically, aircraft have been powered by engines with moving components, such as propellers or turbines, and typically rely on fossil fuel combustion. Electroaerodynamic devices, which create thrust by using electrical forces to accelerate ions in a fluid to form an ionic wind, have been proposed as an alternative method for propelling aircraft. However, no such aeroplane has flown before.

Steven Barrett and colleagues have designed and flown a small fixed wing aeroplane with an electroaerodynamic system of propulsion. The aircraft, which has a five-metre wingspan and weighs 2.45 kilograms, is powered by a custom system containing a battery stack and high-voltage power converter that can produce around 500 watts. The aeroplane successfully flew 60 metres in an indoor space over the course of ten test flights, with an average flight altitude of 0.47 metres. Its thrust-to-power ratio was comparable to that achieved by conventional propulsion systems such as jet engines, although the overall efficiency was lower. The authors report that this specific aeroplane design prioritized small size over high efficiency, but that future designs can improve efficiency.

The authors conclude that these initial test flights for an electroaerodynamic-powered aeroplane compare favourably to early flights of aircraft propelled by moving parts.

doi: 10.1038/s41586-018-0707-9

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