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今回、Roy Parker、Brad Olwinたちの研究グループは、哺乳類の正常な骨格筋形成におけるTDP-43の機能を調べた。その結果、TDP-43がマウスの筋細胞中に大量に存在し、骨格筋細胞の形成過程でTDP-43の量が増加することが判明した。遺伝的にTDP-43を枯渇させると、細胞の増殖が阻害され、細胞死につながった。これは、TDP-43が筋再生において重要な機能的役割を担っていることを示唆している。また、著者たちは、TDP-43がマウス筋細胞の増殖過程で集合してより複雑な構造(myo-granule)をとり、このmyo-granuleが時間の経過とともにアミロイド様構造に移行することがあるが、正常な機能を担う成熟細胞では通常除去されると報告している。筋力が低下した患者の生検では、再生中の筋肉にmyo-granuleが持続的に存在することが確認された。


The protein TDP-43, commonly implicated in neuromuscular diseases such as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and thought to be pathogenic, is shown to accumulate and have a functional role in normal muscle growth and regeneration, reports a paper published online this week in Nature. The authors suggest that increased muscle regeneration in disease may drive harmful accumulation of this protein.

Aggregates of TDP-43 protein accumulate in the skeletal muscles of patients with neuromuscular diseases such as inclusion body myopathy. Reducing TDP-43 levels leads to age-related muscle weakness in mice and Drosophila - suggesting that TDP-43 may have a functional role in muscle formation.

Roy Parker, Brad Olwin, and colleagues investigated TDP-43 function during normal mammalian skeletal-muscle formation. They find that it is abundant in mouse muscle cells, and levels increase during skeletal-muscle cell formation. Genetically depleting TDP-43 prevents cell growth and leads to cell death, suggesting an important functional role for this protein in muscle regeneration. Additionally, the authors report that during mouse muscle cell growth TDP-43 proteins assemble to adopt a more complex structure, called ‘myo-granules’, which can transition to an amyloid-like structure over time but are typically cleared in mature cells with normal function. Biopsies from patients with muscle weakness confirm the sustained presence of myo-granules in regenerating muscle.

The authors suggest that sustained muscle regeneration in neuromuscular disease may increase levels of TDP-43, and that failure to clear the resulting myo-granules may lead to the pathogenic amyloid-like accumulations seen in diseased muscles. Age-related factors may increase the risk of this transition occurring.

doi: 10.1038/s41586-018-0665-2

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