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今回、Gilles Laurentたちの研究グループは、こうした情報を自由行動下のコウイカから得るための計算的方法と解析方法を開発した。Laurentたちは、水槽中の6匹のコウイカを単一細胞レベルの分解能で、数週間にわたって毎秒60フレームで動画撮影し、外套膜の背部にある色素胞の色分類を行った。また、コウイカの上に手をかざして外套膜の色を濃い色から薄い色に変化させることで、外套膜のパターン動態を追跡調査した。Laurentたちは、この動作を何度か繰り返して色の変化を調べた結果、コウイカの外套膜は、刺激の都度、目標とする同じパターンになったと報告している。


The quantification in real time of the expansion state of tens of thousands of pigmented skin cells from cuttlefish is reported in this week’s Nature. These findings increase our understanding of the complex physiological transformations associated with the cuttlefish’s varying perceptual states - akin to thoughts worn on the skin.

Cuttlefish and octopuses have an unmatched ability to change the colour and textural appearance of their skin for camouflage or social communication, thanks to the controlled squeezing of myriads of pigmented skin cells called chromatophores. Tracking the expansion states of these chromatophores provides a quantitative description - and potentially even a neural description, by proxy - of the animals’ perceptual state in real time.

Gilles Laurent and colleagues developed computational and analytical methods to access this information from freely behaving cuttlefish. The authors filmed six animals in a tank over a period of weeks, and colour-classified the chromatophores of the cuttlefish’s dorsal mantle at single-cell resolution at 60 frames per second. They also tracked pattern dynamics by moving a hand above the cuttlefish, causing it to transition from dark to light. The authors examined this transition over several repeats and report that upon each stimulus the animal generated the same target patterns.

The authors suggest that these results enable an objective description of complex perceptual behaviour and that this approach could provide insights into the organizational principles underlying neural systems.

doi: 10.1038/s41586-018-0591-3

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