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Brian Drukerたちの研究グループは今回、Beat AML試験の562人のAML患者から採取した672件の腫瘍生検データセットから得られた最初の知見について報告している。Drukerたちは、エキソーム塩基配列解読(タンパク質をコードする遺伝子の塩基配列解読)、RNA塩基配列解読、および薬剤感受性解析を組み合わせて、腫瘍検体の多様性を調べた。その結果、AMLでこれまでに観察されたことのない新規変異が見つかり、変異と薬剤療法に対する応答性の関連も判明した。例えば、FLT3遺伝子、NPM1遺伝子、およびDNMT3A遺伝子の変異と抗がん剤イブルチニブに対する感受性の間に有意な関連が認められた。このことは、これらの遺伝子(とりわけFLT3遺伝子)が変異している患者の方がイブルチニブを使った治療に対する感受性が高い可能性を示唆している。


A dataset revealing associations between specific mutations and drug sensitivity in acute myeloid leukaemia (AML) patients is reported in a paper published online this week in Nature. These findings could provide insights into biological and clinical aspects of AML.

AML is a very diverse disease; at least eleven genetic classes and nearly 2,000 different mutated genes have been observed across patients. These complex mutational patterns make developing effective drug therapies challenging, and although a few such therapies are available to patients, these treatments have remained largely unchanged over the last 30-40 years.

Brian Druker and colleagues report initial findings from the Beat AML programme, a dataset of 672 tumour biopsies from 562 AML patients. The authors used a combination of exome sequencing (where genes that code for proteins are sequenced), RNA sequencing and drug-sensitivity analyses to investigate the variations across the tumour samples. They find novel mutations not previously observed in AML, and associations between mutations and responses to drug therapies. For instance, a significant association between mutation of the FLT3, NPM1 and DNMT3A genes and sensitivity to the drug ibrutinib was observed, suggesting that patients carrying the mutated versions of these genes (particularly FLT3) may be more sensitive to this specific treatment.

These results and other future findings from this dataset could lead to the development of new clinical approaches for treating AML.

doi: 10.1038/s41586-018-0623-z

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