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今回、Wolfgang Buermannたちの研究グループは、植生の緑色度の衛星観測結果などさまざまなデータを分析し、北半球全体で植物の成長に対する時間遅れの好影響と悪効果に地域差があることを報告している。ユーラシアの北緯50度以北の地域(英国、スカンジナビア、ロシアの一部など)では、春の温暖化と植物の成長の間に正の相関関係が認められたが、北米の西部地域、シベリア、温暖な東アジアでは負の相関関係が認められた。Buermannたちは、標高と特に季節的降雨が、このような地域的な時間遅れを伴う成長パターンに強く影響していると考えており、北方での植物の成長を制限する重要な要因が気温と太陽光だとする学説に異論を唱えている。


Seasonal water deficits may limit the benefits for plant growth of earlier, warmer springs in the Northern Hemisphere, reports a paper published this week in Nature. These findings highlight the impact of lagged effects of spring warmth on plant productivity during the subsequent summer and autumn.

Earlier, warmer springs - a consequence of climate change - have lengthened the northern growing season and have increased plant productivity earlier in the year. However, there is some evidence that there may be both beneficial and adverse lagged effects on plant growth later in the year, although our current understanding of these trends is limited.

Wolfgang Buermann and colleagues analysed a range of data, including satellite measurements of vegetation greenness, and report regional differences in beneficial and adverse lagged effects on plant growth across the Northern Hemisphere. Areas in Eurasia above a latitude of 50° north (such as the UK, Scandinavia and parts of Russia) displayed positive correlations between warm springs and plant growth, whereas areas in western North America, Siberia and temperate eastern Asia showed negative correlations. Altitude and particularly seasonal precipitation seem to strongly influence these regional lagged growth patterns, a finding that contrasts with the idea that temperature and sunlight are key limiters of northern plant growth.

The authors suggest that the accumulation of seasonal water deficits may result in regional adverse lagged effects in plant growth in response to warmer springs - a key factor to consider when modelling the effects of climate change on plant productivity.

doi: 10.1038/s41586-018-0555-7

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