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今回、Mark Schuerchたちの研究グループは、沿岸湿地には堆積物と湿地の「収容空間(湿地の移動先となり得る内陸空間)」を蓄積する能力があることを考慮に入れて、全球的な沿岸湿地の回復力を評価することで、こうした制約に取り組んだ。この研究では、海水準上昇と人間の活動に対する地球上の湿地の応答のシミュレーションが行われ、既存の沿岸湿地の少なくとも37%について十分な収容空間が確保されているという条件が満たされれば、沿岸湿地の全球表面積が最大60%増加する可能性があることが明らかになった。十分な収容空間が得られないというシナリオでは、沿岸湿地の面積が全体的に減少し、(海水準上昇がさらに進行するシナリオでは、減少が顕著になる)ことが予想され、その理由として、堆積物の不足が深刻化することが挙げられている。


Under certain conditions, coastal wetlands could potentially increase their global surface area by as much as 60% despite predicted sea-level rises over the coming century, reports a paper published this week in Nature.

Coastal wetlands, such as marshes and mangroves, are important ecosystems that provide natural coastal protection. Although many studies predict widespread wetland loss as sea levels rise, some assessments suggest that this threat has been overstated and that global models have failed to take into account well-documented local feedback mechanisms that could maintain wetlands.

Mark Schuerch and colleagues address these limitations by assessing the global resilience of coastal wetlands while also considering their ability to accumulate sediment and their available accommodation space (inland space for wetlands to migrate into). The authors simulated the responses of global wetlands to sea-level rises and human activity and found that global coverage could increase by 60%, provided that at least 37% of existing wetlands have sufficient accommodation space. In scenarios where adequate accommodation space is not available, coastal wetlands face projected losses overall (worsening under scenarios that assume higher sea-level rises), potentially due to increasing sediment deficiency.

The authors note that local waterway management, such as damming and dredging, may complicate these simulations. They suggest that widespread coastal management strategies that encourage inland migration may be required to safeguard coastal wetlands from rising sea levels and protect rapidly increasing global coastal populations.

doi: 10.1038/s41586-018-0476-5

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