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今回、Kimberly Mooreたちの研究グループは、木星の表面から一定の深さまでの磁場のマップを作成し、それを分析して、木星の磁場がこれまでに知られている他の磁場とは大きく異なっていることを明らかにした。木星の内部では、磁束(空間内の曲面を通り抜ける磁場の流束)の大部分が帯電したダイナモ領域を離れて、北半球の狭い帯域を通り、赤道近くの大青班で木星の内部に戻っていた。それ以外の領域では、磁場がかなり弱かった。また、Mooreたちは、木星の非双極子磁場がほぼ北半球に限定され、南半球がほぼ双極子磁場になっていることを見いだした。Mooreたちは、地球のダイナモとは異なり、木星のダイナモは均一な厚い殻内で作動していないという考えを示している。

A map of Jupiter’s magnetic field at a range of depths is reported this week in Nature. Analysis of this map suggests that Jupiter’s magnetic field may be unlike all known planetary magnetic fields.

The Juno spacecraft, which is in a polar orbit about Jupiter, is providing the first direct measurements of the planet’s magnetic field close to its surface. A recent analysis of magnetic field observations from eight (of the first nine) Juno orbits has yielded a new reference model of Jupiter’s magnetic field. That model provides an unprecedented description of Jupiter’s magnetic field outside the planet, which is of particular interest for understanding processes in Jupiter’s magnetosphere. However, maps of the interior magnetic field, which will help understand how it is generated, have yet to be described.

Kimberly Moore and colleagues mapped and analysed Jupiter’s magnetic field at a range of depths and found that it is profoundly different from other known magnetic fields. They find that, within Jupiter, most of the magnetic flux (a measurement of the total magnetic field passing through a given area) leaves the electrically charged dynamo region through a narrow band in the northern hemisphere, and re-enters the planet near the equator at the Great Blue Spot. Elsewhere, the field is much weaker. The authors show that the non-dipolar part of the field is confined almost entirely to the northern hemisphere; the field is predominantly dipolar in the southern hemisphere. They suggest that Jupiter’s dynamo, unlike Earth’s, does not operate within a uniform, thick shell.

doi: 10.1038/s41586-018-0468-5

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