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今回、Jonathan Kipnisたちの研究グループは、中枢神経系の脳脊髄液と間質液に含まれる高分子が髄膜リンパ管を通って頚部リンパ節へ排出されることを明らかにした。また、髄膜リンパ管の機能不全を起こした若い成体マウスに学習障害と記憶障害を見いだした。Kipnisたちは、老齢マウスの髄膜リンパ管の機能に著しい不全が認められ、これが、老化に伴う認知機能低下の諸側面の一部と関係している可能性を指摘している。また、老齢マウスに血管内皮細胞増殖因子Cを投与したところ、脳脊髄液と間質液に含まれる高分子が髄膜リンパ管から排出・除去される能力が改善され、その結果、学習と記憶の成績が向上した。


Dysfunction of the meningeal lymphatic vessels - a network of vessels located within the membranes that surround the central nervous system that drain macromolecules - may be an aggravating factor in Alzheimer’s disease pathology and age-associated cognitive decline. The results of this study in mice are published online in Nature this week.

Lymphatic vessels within the meninges have been discovered in rodents, non-human primates and humans. However, their function in the central nervous system and their role in pathologies of the central nervous system remains poorly understood.

Jonathan Kipnis and colleagues show that meningeal lymphatic vessels drain macromolecules from the cerebrospinal and interstitial fluid of the central nervous system into the cervical lymph nodes. The authors found that impairment of meningeal lymphatic function in young-adult mice resulted in learning and memory deficits. They note that in aged mice, there was significant disruption of meningeal lymphatic function, which may underlie some of the aspects of age-associated cognitive decline. Treatment of aged mice with vascular endothelial growth factor C enhanced meningeal lymphatic drainage and clearance of macromolecules from the cerebrospinal and interstitial fluid in the brain, resulting in improved learning and memory performance.

In transgenic mouse models of Alzheimer’s disease, disruption of meningeal lymphatic vessels promoted amyloid deposition in the meninges, which closely resembled human meningeal pathology. The authors suggest that augmentation of meningeal lymphatic function may be a promising therapeutic target for preventing or delaying age-associated neurological diseases.

doi: 10.1038/s41586-018-0368-8

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