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今回、Anne Archibaldたちの研究グループは、中性子星とその近くを周回する白色矮星、そしてこの連星系を周回する遠方の第2の白色矮星からなる連星系の運動を観測した。この三重星系の観測によって、外側の白色矮星の引力が内側の白色矮星とその伴星である中性子星(強い自己重力を有する)にどのような影響を及ぼすのかを調べることができる。他の重力論では、中性子星に関連した時空の曲がりのために、中性子星が内側の白色矮星と異なる落下をして、内側の軌道がゆがむとされる。ところが、Archibaldたちは、中性子星と内側の白色矮星の加速度の比の違いの上限がわずか260万分の1であることを明らかにした。この研究知見は、一般相対性理論が正しいことを裏付けており、過去の等価原理の試験と比べると、その上限は約1000分の1となった。

The principle that all objects accelerate identically, regardless of their own gravity, when falling in an external gravitational field has passed the most stringent test to date, in an analysis of a neutron star-white dwarf-white dwarf triple system. The findings - which support this key prediction of Einstein’s general theory of relativity - are reported in this week’s Nature.

Unlike alternative theories of gravity, general relativity is based on the premise that all falling objects accelerate identically. This should even apply to bodies like neutron stars that have their own strong gravitation field, a principle known as ‘strong equivalence’. So far, however, no tests of this concept have successfully explored the strong-field regime.

Anne Archibald and colleagues observed the motions of a binary star system containing a neutron star closely orbited by a white dwarf, which are, in turn, both orbited by another, distant white dwarf. This triple star system allows for an investigation of how the pull of the outer white dwarf influences both the inner dwarf and its companion neutron star, which has strong self-gravity. In alternative gravity theories, the space-time curvature associated with the neutron star would cause it to fall differently to the inner dwarf, distorting the inner orbit. The authors find, however, that there is an upper limit of just 2.6 millionths fractional difference between the accelerations of the pair - a finding that continues to support general relativity, improving on previous tests of the equivalence principle by a factor of a thousand.

doi: 10.1038/s41586-018-0265-1

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