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今回、John Dabiriたちの研究グループは、ブラインシュリンプ(Artemia salina)をモデル生物に用いて、その集団的な鉛直移動が下向きジェット流を生成し、それが海洋の混合に大きな影響を及ぼす可能性のあることを明らかにした。Dabiriたちは、安定な層状の流体の入った2つのタンクにブラインシュリンプを入れて室内実験を行った。一方のタンクは、密度成層の非可逆的混合を測定することを目的とし、もう一方のタンクは、流れを可視化するいくつかの技術を実施することを目的としていた。弱い刺激を加えることでブラインシュリンプは泳ぎ始めた。Dabiriたちは、ブラインシュリンプが集団を形成して上向きに遊泳すると、大規模な下向きジェット流が生じ、それぞれの個体の後方に生じる水流によって渦が発生することを観察した。これは、密に成層した水中でも観察された。


The collective vertical migration of centimetre-scale shrimp can generate downward jets that could have a substantial impact on ocean mixing, reports a paper published this week in Nature. This effect could be widespread, as organisms of this size are highly abundant in climatically important regions of the ocean.

Centimetre-scale zooplankton such as krill, despite their high abundance, do not individually create enough turbulence to have a noticeable effect on ocean mixing. Nonetheless, such animals form dense aggregations that span tens of metres in their vertical axis as they undergo daily vertical migration over hundreds of metres.

John Dabiri and colleagues use the brine shrimp Artemia salina as a model to show that collective vertical migration can generate downward jets that could have a substantial effect on ocean mixing. The authors conducted laboratory experiments using shrimp in two stably stratified tanks: one to measure irreversible mixing of the density stratification, and the other to perform several flow visualization techniques. Light stimuli triggered the shrimp to swim. The authors observed that eddies resulted from the flow in the wakes of the individual shrimp coalescing to form a large-scale downward jet during upward swimming, even in densely stratified water.

The results illustrate that the behaviour of small marine animals, though tiny in stature, can considerably alter the physical and biogeochemical structure of the ocean.

doi: 10.1038/s41586-018-0044-z

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