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Stefan Pfisterたちの研究グループは、分子的に異なる24タイプのがん(最も高頻度のタイプと臨床的に重要なタイプが含まれており、中枢神経系の腫瘍に重点を置いた)を患う若い患者914名を対象とし、生じたさまざまな遺伝的変化を同定した。全てのタイプのがんでDNA二本鎖切断の修復に関与する遺伝子の変異が見つかり、がん素因遺伝子候補において疾患の原因となる変異はこれらの患者の7%で見つかった。また、既存の標的療法あるいは現在開発中の標的療法が効きやすい可能性のある変異を持つ腫瘍は、全体の半数を占めた。

一方、Jinghui Zhangたちの研究グループは、こうした知見を他の局面にも適用し、DNAだけでなく、DNAから転写された情報にも注目した。Zhangたちは、1699例の小児白血病と固形腫瘍におけるDNA変異の解析と、ゲノム、エキソーム、トランスクリプトームの塩基配列解読を行った。その結果、小児がんと関連する遺伝子が142個同定されたが、成人のがんに関する類似研究で見つかった遺伝子と一致したのはそのうちのわずか45%であった。また、Zhangたちは、変異固有の特徴として、変異過程に特有の痕跡が残っているゲノム領域を11か所発見し、その中には紫外線曝露を原因とする特徴も含まれていた。


Thousands of childhood cancers have been characterized in detail at the genomic and molecular level. The results, presented in two papers published online in Nature this week, shed light on the causes of childhood cancer, and could aid the development of new therapies.

Stefan Pfister and colleagues identified the various genetic changes that had occurred in 914 young people with 24 molecularly distinct types of cancer, including the most frequent and clinically relevant ones, with an emphasis on tumours of the central nervous system. Mutations in genes involved in the repair of double-stranded DNA breaks were found in all cancer types, and 7% of the patients carried a disease-causing mutation in a candidate cancer predisposition gene. Half of the tumours contained mutations that potentially make them amenable to targeted treatments that either exist already or are currently in development.

Jinghui Zhang and colleagues extended these findings further, focusing not only on DNA, but also on the messages transcribed from it. They analysed DNA changes and sequenced the genomes, exomes and transcriptomes of 1,699 paediatric leukaemia and solid tumours. They identified 142 genes associated with cancer in these paediatric patients, of which only 45% matched those found in similar studies of adult cancers. The authors also found eleven mutational signatures - areas in the genome in which mutational processes have left a distinctive mark - including one attributed to ultraviolet-light exposure.

Together, the studies raise hope - druggable targets do exist - but they also reveal that childhood cancers show many differences to their adult counterparts, a fact that needs to be taken into account as new therapies are developed.

doi: 10.1038/nature25795

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