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今回、Dominik Mullerたちの研究グループは、塩分の大量摂取が腸内微生物相の構成に与える影響を解明するため、通常塩分食(NSD)を与えたマウスと高塩分食(HSD)を与えたマウスの糞便試料を分析した。その結果、HSDを摂取したマウスにおいて、14日目までにいくつかの微生物種の個体数が有意に減少することが分かった。次にMullerたちは、16S rDNA遺伝子配列解析とコンピューターを用いる手法を併用して、HSDを摂取したマウスにおいて減少した最も重要な細菌群を特定し、HSDと非常に強く関連しているのが乳酸桿菌属のLactobacillus murinusであることを明らかにした。

さらに、マウスにL. murinusを投与する実験を行った結果、TH17細胞が減少し、人為的に誘導した実験的自己免疫性脳脊髄炎(脳炎のマウスモデル)と食塩感受性高血圧の症状が塩分を摂取しても悪化しないことが分かった。これと軌を一にする結果は、健康なヒトを対象とした小規模な予備的研究でも得られ、塩分摂取の増加によって複数の乳酸桿菌種の腸内残存率が低下し、TH17細胞が増加し、血圧が上昇した。ただしヒトを対象とした研究は、今後の積み重ねが必要となる。

High salt intake alters the gut microbiota in mice reports a study published online in Nature this week. As the role of gut microbiota in disease is becoming increasingly recognized, these findings highlight the gut microbiome as a potential therapeutic target to counteract salt-sensitive conditions.

High salt consumption associated with a Western lifestyle can lead to hypertension and cardiovascular disease. It may also drive autoimmunity by inducing pro-inflammatory T helper 17 (TH17) cells, which have also been linked to hypertension.

To determine the effect of high salt consumption on the composition of the gut microbiota, Dominik Muller and colleagues analysed faecal samples from mice fed a normal salt diet (NSD) and a high salt diet (HSD). The authors found that by day 14, several microbial species were significantly decreased in HSD-fed mice. They then used 16S ribosomal DNA gene sequencing and computational approaches to identify the most important bacterial groups that decreased when mice were fed a HSD and found that a member of the genus Lactobacillus (Lactobacillus murinus), was most strongly associated with HSD.

Further work demonstrated that administration of L. murinus to mice reduced TH17 cells and prevented salt-induced aggravation of actively induced experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis (a mouse model of brain inflammation) and salt-sensitive hypertension. In line with these findings, a small pilot study in healthy humans found that increased salt intake reduces intestinal survival of multiple Lactobacillus species, accompanied by an increase in TH17 cells and elevated blood pressure; although further investigation in humans is required.

doi: 10.1038/nature24628

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