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微生物群集の集合・分布の仕組みと微生物群集間の相互作用の仕組みを断定することは、微生物生態学研究の分野の重要目標となっているが、こうした特徴を全球的規模で評価するには膨大なデータセットが必要となる。EMPは、オープンで協同的な研究活動によって微生物と古細菌の全球分布のカタログを作成することによって群集構造を支配する原理についての理解を深めることを目指している。このプロジェクトの第一段階で、Luke Thompsonたちの研究グループは、世界中の数百人の研究者によって収集された微生物試料のメタ分析を行い、その結果を明らかにした。Thompsonたちは、(土壌中の生息環境、水中の生息環境、動物・植物との共生に伴う生息環境に由来する)2万7751点の試料のリボソームRNA遺伝子塩基配列を分析して、22億個のDNA塩基配列を読み取った。


An improved understanding of bacterial and archaeal (a group of single-celled organisms that are genetically distinct from bacteria) diversity across the globe is gained in a comprehensive analysis of over 27,000 crowd-sourced microbial samples from a wide range of environments. The meta-analysis, published in Nature this week, is part of the first phase of the Earth Microbiome Project (EMP), which aims to characterize microbial life on this planet.

Determining how microbial communities are assembled and distributed, and how they interact, is a key goal in the field of microbial ecology research, but assessing these features at a global scale requires vast datasets. The EMP seeks to advance our understanding of the principles that govern community structure by cataloguing the global distribution of bacteria and archaea using open and collaborative science. In the first phase of this project, Luke Thompson and colleagues present a meta-analysis of microbial samples collected by hundreds of researchers around the world. They analyse the ribosomal RNA gene sequences of 27,751 samples (from soil, water, animal-associated and plant-associated habitats), generating 2.2 billion DNA sequence reads.

The work reveals patterns in community composition as well as the global distribution of particular organisms, which provides a deeper understanding of how microorganisms disperse and colonize niches. Moreover, the data provide an important reference and framework for future studies in microbial ecology.

doi: 10.1038/nature24621

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