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重要な食料生産地帯では、主に灌漑のための地下水の揚水によって帯水層(大きな地下貯水池)が急速に枯渇している。そのため、各地域の食料生産の持続可能性だけでなく、国際食品貿易を介して世界の食料生産の持続可能性が脅かされているのだが、国際食品貿易が地下水の枯渇に与える影響の詳細は、十分に解明されていない。今回、Carole Dalinたちの研究チームは、この両者の関係の定量化に向けて前進し、持続不可能な地下水の汲み上げの約11%が国際食品貿易と結び付いており、その3分の2がパキスタン、米国、インドからの輸出(主にコメとコムギ)であることを明らかにした。そして、メキシコ、イラン、中国、米国の4カ国は、急速に枯渇する帯水層の水で灌漑されている土地で作物を生産し、そうした土地で生産された作物の輸入もしているため、食料と水の安全保障が脅かされる危険が高いことも明らかになった。


A vast majority of the world’s population live in countries that source most of their imported food crops from regions that overexploit groundwater sources to produce these crops, reports a study in Nature this week. The identification of countries, crops and food trade relationships that are depleting groundwater supplies may help to drive efforts to improve the sustainability of global food production and groundwater resource management.

Aquifers - large underground reservoirs of water - are rapidly depleting in key food-producing regions, primarily owing to water withdrawals for irrigation. This effect threatens the sustainability of food production both locally and globally via international food trade. The detailed impact on groundwater depletion caused by global food trade is not well understood, but Carole Dalin and colleagues take steps towards quantifying this relationship. They find that approximately 11 per cent of non-sustainable groundwater extraction is linked to food trade, with Pakistan, the USA and India accounting for two-thirds of the global export totals, mostly through rice and wheat crops. Mexico, Iran, China and the USA are highlighted as being at high risk for food and water insecurity because they both produce and import food irrigated from rapidly depleting aquifers.

The authors propose that groundwater depletion for irrigation could be minimized in a number of ways, such as growing more drought-resistant crops or regulating groundwater pumping. In addition, they suggest that sustainable irrigation practices need to be supported by countries that import food crops from stressed aquifer systems.

doi: 10.1038/nature21403

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