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ヒトの身長を決める要因のかなりの部分は遺伝的要因だ。身長の個人差に関連する比較的頻度の高い遺伝子バリアントは700種ほど同定されているが、希少なバリアントと低頻度バリアントが果たす役割は、それほどよく分かっていない。今回、Guillaume Lettre、Panos Deloukas、Joel Hirschhornたちの研究チームは、700,000人以上の遺伝子解析を行い、身長に関連する遺伝子バリアントを新たに同定した。ここには、希少なバリアントあるいは低頻度バリアントのある遺伝子の候補83種が含まれている。これらの遺伝子の一部は、その保持者と非保持者に約2センチメートルの身長差を生じる原因であることも判明した。また、これらのバリアントの多くは、これまでに成長障害に関係があるとされている遺伝子において見つかっているが、今回の研究では、成長に関係する新たな遺伝子候補と生物学的経路も明らかになった。


Over 80 rare or low-frequency genetic variants have been found to associate with human height, finds research published online in Nature this week. Despite the low frequency of these genetic variants, the genes identified have a considerable effect on human height and provide insights into the genetic factors that determine how tall we are.

Much of what determines our height is inherited. Although approximately 700 common genetic variants have been associated with differences in height, the role of rare and low-frequency variants is less well understood. The analysis of over 700,000 individuals identifies new genetic variants associated with height, including 83 candidate genes that have rare or low-frequency variants, report Guillaume Lettre, Panos Deloukas, Joel Hirschhorn and colleagues. Some of these genes are found to account for a difference in height of around two centimetres in carriers compared to non-carriers. Many of the variants have been identified in genes previously implicated in growth disorders, but the study also highlights new gene candidates and biological pathways involved in growth.

The common genetic variants associated with height identified prior to this research only account for around 20% of its heritability. This study demonstrates that rare and low-frequency gene variants also have an important role in height, accounting for a further 1.7% of heritability. This finding may also have implications for understanding the genetic architecture of other complex human traits and may provide new tools for predicting disease risks and developing treatments.

doi: 10.1038/nature21039

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