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Rebecca Albrightたちは、グレートバリアリーフ南部のワンツリーリーフで今回の研究を行った。このワンツリーリーフには、干潮時に海洋から孤立する礁湖があるが、Albrightたちは、そのうちの1つの礁湖の海水に水酸化ナトリウムを添加して、そのアルカリ度を高め、次に、この海水がサンゴ礁の上を流れてから別の礁湖に流れ込む際のアルカリ度の変化を測定した。その結果、Albrightたちは、サンゴ礁の成長の指標であるサンゴ礁群集の純石灰化量の増加だけを原因とするアルカリ度の変化を独立に分析することに成功し、海洋の化学的性質を産業革命以前の状態(現在より海洋の酸性度が低く、アルカリ度が高い状態)に戻せば、石灰化が増進することを明らかにした。

同時掲載されるJanice LoughのNews & Views記事によれば、「彼ら[Albrightたち]は、他の条件を変えずに時間を戻すことで、サンゴ礁の純石灰化量が現在より約7%多かったと考えられることを明らかにし、海洋酸性化によるサンゴ礁の成長抑制がすでに始まっていたという考えを示している」と記されている。

Increasing the alkalinity of seawater flowing over a coral reef, and, hence, decreasing the seawater’s acidity, increases coral reef growth, reports a paper published in Nature this week. Although declines in coral reef growth have been shown previously, this study is the first controlled field experiment in a natural coral reef community to isolate the effects of ocean acidification from other contributing factors, such as temperature, coastal pollution and overfishing.

Approximately one-quarter of annual global anthropogenic carbon dioxide emissions are absorbed by the oceans, leading to oceans becoming more acidic. Ocean acidification is one of several factors that are projected to threaten coral reef ecosystems, but separating its effects from other factors is difficult.

Rebecca Albright and colleagues conducted their study on One Tree Reef in the southern Great Barrier Reef, where, at low tide, there are lagoons that become effectively cut off from the ocean. They added sodium hydroxide to the seawater of one lagoon to increase its alkalinity, and then measured the change in alkalinity as the seawater flowed across the reef into another lagoon. The authors were able to isolate the alkalinity change that results solely from an increase in net calcification for the reef community (a measure of growth), and find that calcification increases when ocean chemistry is restored closer to pre-industrial conditions (i.e. when the ocean is less acidic and more alkaline).

In an accompanying News & Views, Janice Lough writes: “By turning back time, they [Albright and colleagues] demonstrate that, all else being equal, net coral-reef calcification would have been around 7% higher than present, suggesting that ocean acidification may already be diminishing coral reef growth.”

doi: 10.1038/nature17155

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