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今回、Matthew Sieglerたちが、月の両極に存在する水素を含む堆積物が対蹠的、つまり正反対の位置にあり、両地点を結ぶ直線が月の中心を通ると考えられ、これらの水素堆積物がそれぞれ極点から反対の方向に等距離の位置にあることを発見した。Sieglerたちは、この証拠によって月の自転軸が今までに約6度移動したことが明らかになったと考えており、この移動の方向と大きさをもとに、プロセラルム領域の地下での熱による低密度異常が移動の原因だと主張している。プロセラルム領域が最も地質学的に活動的だったのが月の歴史の初期であるため、Sieglerたちは、極移動が起こったのは今から数十億年前のことであり、観測されている極域の水素の多くは起源が古く、このことから内部太陽系の歴史の初期に水が存在していたことが示唆されるという結論を示している。

Polar hydrogen deposits show that the Moon once had a different axis to the one it spins on today, according to a paper published this week in Nature. The study suggests that this change in the pole of rotation, known as true polar wander, was caused by changes within the Moon’s interior structure billions of years ago.

The locations of hydrogen-containing deposits near the Moon’s poles, which are probably water ice and which were first detected in the 1990s, are inconsistent with where ice would be expected given the current thermal environment of the Moon.

Matthew Siegler and colleagues find that the Moon’s polar hydrogen deposits are antipodal - that is, directly opposite each other, so that a line drawn from one to the other would pass through the centre of the Moon - and are located equal distances from their respective poles, but in opposite directions. The authors suggest that this evidence shows that the current spin axis of the Moon has shifted by about six degrees and, on the basis of the direction and magnitude of the reorientation, they argue that this shift was caused by a low-density thermal anomaly beneath the Procellarum region of the Moon. The Procellarum region was most geologically active early in the Moon’s history and so the authors conclude that the polar wander occurred billions of years ago and that a large portion of the measured polar hydrogen is ancient, suggesting that water was present early on in the inner Solar System.

doi: 10.1038/nature17166

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