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今回、Jos Barlowたちは、ブラジル北部のアマゾン川流域のパラー州全体を対象として、1,538の植物種、460の鳥類種、156種のフンコロガシ種のオカレンスデータ(生物分布情報)を評価した。その結果分かったのは、撹乱された森林がかなりの保護価値を保持しているものの、撹乱が生物多様性に与えた影響が、パラー州の特別保護区域以外の区域で92,000~139,000 km2の原生林が失われることによる影響に相当することだった。Barlowたちは、たとえ森林破壊が法定限度の20%にとどまっていても、残存する森林では保護価値のわずか46~61%しか保持できない可能性があると結論づけている。

同時掲載されるDavid EdwardsのNews & Views記事では、「生物多様性が消滅する危機は、現在認められている以上に深刻化している可能性があるが、これまでよりすぐれた管理戦略を採用すれば、解決方法を得られる可能性は残っている」という結論が示されている。

Forest disturbance from human activities can result in just as much biodiversity loss as deforestation, reveals an assessment of more than 2,000 species in the Brazilian Amazon published this week in Nature. The study calls for urgent regional-scale interventions that go beyond the maintenance of forest cover to protect the biodiversity of the world’s remaining tropical forests.

Reducing deforestation is the focus of most strategies for conserving biodiversity. Brazil’s Forest Code, for example, legally requires Amazonian landowners to maintain 80% of their forest cover. However, the combined effects of disturbances such as selective logging, wildfires and landscape alteration on the biodiversity of remaining forests have until now remained unknown.

Jos Barlow and colleagues assessed occurrence data of 1,538 plant, 460 bird and 156 dung beetle species throughout the Amazonian state of Para in northern Brazil. They find that although disturbed forests retained considerable conservation value, disturbance impacts had an equivalent effect on biodiversity as the loss of 92,000-139,000 km2 of primary forest outside of Para’s strictly protected areas. The authors conclude that even when deforestation is limited to the 20% required by law, the remaining forest may only retain 46-61% of its conservation value.

In an accompanying News & Views, David Edwards concludes: “Although the biodiversity extinction crisis could be even worse than currently recognized, by embracing better management strategies, the solutions are still within our grasp.”

doi: 10.1038/nature18326

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