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Fusuo Zhangたちは、中国曲周県のさまざまな農村で2009~2014年に実施された収量実験の結果を発表している。その間、科学者たちは、技術移転を進める目的で、農民とともに居住して働いた。まずは、収量ギャップに寄与する主たる要因(具体的には作物品種、栽植密度、播種期、および肥料管理)を特定するために、現地の農村の農民150人と面接し、圃場実験を実施した。この情報を利用し、耕作コミュニティーのリーダーからのフィードバックを組み込んで、1組10通りの推奨手法をまとめた。この手法の採用により、5年間の平均収量は、71人のリーダー農家では達成可能なレベルの67.9%から97.0%に、県全体(9万3074戸)でも62.8%から79.6%に増加した。生産本位のイベントとともに、手法の採用を農家に働きかける目的で、研究の期間を通じてさまざまな社会文化的活動が企画された。


Over 90,000 farming households in China achieved a substantial increase in yield of wheat and maize over a five-year period (2009-2014) in which scientists lived and worked in their villages, engaging them and sharing knowledge. The results of this participatory approach, presented in Nature this week, may help to close yield gaps - differences between farmers’ actual yields and those thought to be attainable in a given region - and enhance food security in other parts of the world, the authors propose.

Fusuo Zhang and colleagues present the results of yield experiments carried out from 2009 to 2014 in various villages in Quzhou County, China. During this time, scientists lived among and worked with farmers, with the aim of advancing technology transfer. The scientists first interviewed 150 farmers from villages in the region and conducted field experiments in order to identify the major factors contributing to the yield gaps (namely crop variety, plant density, sowing time and fertilizer management). Using this information, they put together a set of ten recommended practices incorporating feedback from leaders in the farming community. Adoption of these practices led to a five-year average yield increase from 67.9% of the attainable level to 97.0% by 71 leading farmers, and from 62.8% to 79.6% countywide (93,074 households). As well as production-oriented events, various social-cultural activities were organized throughout the study in order to encourage farmers to adopt practices.

The authors also reached out and gained support from government and private enterprises, leading to greater resources and economic benefits for the farmers.

doi: 10.1038/nature19368

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