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COMET lights up epigenetic regulation



今回の研究で、Stephen Haggarty、Ralph Mazitschekたちは、COMET(chemo-optical modulation of epigenetically regulated transcription;エピジェネティックに調節される転写の化学光学的調節)という方法を考案した。これは、DNAの転写に不可欠な酵素群であるヒストンデアセチラーゼ(HDAC)の作用を、光の照射によってスイッチのオンオフを切り替える小分子HDAC阻害物質を利用して遮断するものである。研究チームは、青色光を照射するとHDAC活性が消失してDNAの転写調節に相応の変化が生じる一方、照射を停止するとそうした変化が元に戻ることを明らかにし、光照射の反復的なパターンによって遺伝子発現が迅速に調節されることを示した。そして、遺伝子の調節に関与する酵素の活性を光で変化させることが、神経変性や一部のがんなど、エピジェネティックな調節の異常を特徴とする疾患の新しい治療法となる可能性があることを指摘している。

A new technique for highly precise control of gene expression in human cells is reported in a study published online this week in Nature Chemical Biology. This study demonstrates the ability to control the activity of a class of enzymes involved in gene expression using inhibitors designed to switch on only when exposed to a specific type of light, providing the first major tool in the field of optoepigenetics.

The field of optogenetics enables control of cellular behavior and biological function in the presence of light at a particular location, time and dose. However, the ability to control enzymes that modulate gene expression has remained elusive.

In this study, Stephen Haggarty, Ralph Mazitschek and colleagues devised a method called chemo-optical modulation of epigenetically regulated transcription (COMET) that blocks the action of histone deacetylases (HDACs), a class of enzymes critical to DNA transcription, using small-molecule HDAC inhibitors that switch on or off with light exposure. They show that applying blue light results in the loss of HDAC activity and corresponding changes to the regulation of DNA transcription, while the removal of light undoes these changes. The authors demonstrate the rapid modulation of gene expression with repeated regimens of light exposure. They note that using light to alter the activity of an enzyme involved in gene regulation could represent a new approach for treating disorders characterized by impaired epigenetic regulation, such as neurodegeneration and some cancers.

doi: 10.1038/nchembio.2042

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