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Mantis shrimp surprise

シャコの眼は、さまざまな偏光を見ることができるよう自然に調節される。これをまねることによって、人工偏光光学素子の性能を向上させることができるかもしれない。Nature Photonics(電子版)に発表されるシャコの眼の研究は、そのような設計の起点となる基盤を提供するものであり、原理的に、将来のCDやDVDなどのデータ記憶システムやデータプロジェクターに役立ちうる。


N Robertsらは、シャコの眼の波長板がみごとな仕組みをもつことを発見した。驚くほど優れた収色性(achromaticity)を示すため、青色から赤色まですべての可視光波長でうまく機能するのである。これは、人間による設計では実現できなかったことである。波長板は、シャコの眼の光受容体中に形成されており、内部には特殊なチューブがぎっしりと詰まっている。シャコの波長板が驚くほど優れた性能を示すのは、この特殊な形状と材料のチューブのおかげであることが、今回の研究によって明らかになった。


By emulating the eyes of mantis shrimp ― which are naturally tuned to see different polarizations of light ― scientists may be able to improve the performance of man-made polarization optics. A study into the eyes of mantis shrimp, published online this week in Nature Photonics, provides a starting ground for such designs and in principle could benefit future data storage systems, such as CDs and DVDs, and data projectors.

Wave plates are important optical components that are used to change the polarization of light and exploited in many forms of optical equipment. The problem is that designing wave plates to work for many different colours of light ― which correlate to different wavelengths ― rather than for a single colour is exceptionally difficult.

Nicholas Roberts and colleagues discovered that the wave plate in the mantis shrimp's eye has an elegant design which includes an incredible level of achromaticity, meaning that it performs well at all visible wavelengths, ranging from blue to red ― a task that has eluded man-made designs. ?The wave plate is formed in the photoreceptors in the mantis shrimp's eye, which contain a densely packed bundle of specially designed tubes. The study reveals that it is this specific geometry and material of the tubes that lead to the incredible performance of the wave plate.

The researchers hope that optical designers will now be able to copy the design to create man-made wave plates with much better performance than currently available.

doi: 10.1038/nphoton.2009.189

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