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Looking through walls and around corners

不透明物質を通して、また散乱の強い光拡散体の周りでリアルタイムに画像化できる手法が、今週のNature Photonics電子版に報告されている。この研究成果は、地上での天体観測や深部組織撮像といった、散乱や高密度物質によって画像化が妨害される用途に役立つかもしれない。

Yaron Silberbergらは、波面整形に基づく方式を実証している。空間光変調器を用いて目的の場所に再び焦点が合うよう散乱光の位相を整形するのである。単一波面パターンが散乱を逆にする角度範囲を利用して、単一過程で広視野リアルタイム画像化が実現できる。


A technique that allows real-time imaging through opaque materials and around highly scattering optical diffusers is reported in Nature Photonics this week. The findings could prove valuable for applications such as Earth-based astronomy and deep tissue imaging, both of which are currently hindered by scattering and dense materials.

Yaron Silberberg and co-workers demonstrate a scheme which is based on wavefront shaping, and involves using a spatial light modulator to shape the phase of scattered light such that it refocuses at a desired location. Exploiting the angular range in which a single wavefront pattern inverts scattering allows wide-field real-time imaging to be achieved through a single process.

In contrast with previous wavefront-shaping approaches, this technique does not require a coherent source, interferometric detection, raster scanning or off-line computational reconstruction. Instead, it provides real-time imaging using white light, which is advantageous for realizing practical applications.

doi: 10.1038/nphoton.2012.150

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