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Study suggests new treatments for jaw tumors

顎に発生し、顎の骨を破壊する腫瘍であるエナメル上皮腫。良性の腫瘍でまれにしか見られないが、しばしば顔の変形がもたらされる。R Westたちは、この疾患ではSMO遺伝子とBRAF遺伝子に変異が見られることが多いことを見つけた。上顎の腫瘍にはSMO遺伝子の変異が見られ、下顎の腫瘍にはBRAF遺伝子の変異が見られる傾向があった。


Two genes linked to ameloblastomas, tumors of the jaw, are reported in a paper published online this week in Nature Genetics. The results suggest promising treatment options for these destructive jaw tumors.

Ameloblastomas are rare, benign tumors that often lead to facial disfigurement. Robert West and colleagues identified two genes, SMO and BRAF, that are often mutated in ameloblastomas. In their samples, tumors of the upper jaw tended to have SMO mutations, whereas the lower jaw tumors tended to have BRAF mutations. For each gene, the researchers identified an FDA-approved drug that can inhibit the mutant form in human cells. More testing is needed to see if these drugs can help ameloblastoma patients.

doi: 10.1038/ng.2986

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