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Gene increases rice yield under drought conditions


今回、宇賀優作(うが・ゆうさく)たちは、一部の栽培イネ系統において、根を長くして、乾燥条件下での水分の取り込みを改善するDEEPER ROOTING 1(DRO1)遺伝子を同定し、その特性を明らかにした。また、宇賀たちは、浅根性のイネ系統にDRO1遺伝子を導入することで、根が深くなり、その結果として穀粒収量が増加して干ばつの被害を回避できることを明らかにした。

A natural genetic variant that changes the growth angle of rice plant roots allows the plants to maintain high yield under drought conditions, reports an article published online this week in Nature Genetics. These findings may aid the development of rice lines that can better withstand drought conditions and help increase food production in drought-prone areas.

Yusaku Uga and colleagues identified and characterized a gene called DEEPER ROOTING 1 (DRO1) that allows some cultivated rice lines to have deeper roots, giving them better access to water under drought conditions. They further show that breeding DRO1 into a shallow-rooting rice line enabled these plants to avoid drought by increasing the depth of their roots, resulting in higher grain yield.

doi: 10.1038/ng.2725


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