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Genetic variant associated with migraine

片頭痛の危険因子に関する初めてのゲノムワイド関連解析について報告する論文が、Nature Genetics(電子版)に発表される。今回の関連解析では、片頭痛に関連する遺伝的多型が、脳の神経伝達物質であるグルタミン酸のホメオスタシスに関与するタンパク質をコードする遺伝子の近傍に同定された。ただし、この遺伝的多型とグルタミン酸の調節との関連を確認するには、さらなる研究が必要となる。


今回、A Palotieらは、さまざまなタイプの片頭痛と診断されたヨーロッパ系の人々約5,000人のゲノムを解析し、染色体8q22.1上に、片頭痛に関連する遺伝的多型を見いだした。

The first genome wide association study for migraine risk factors is reported online in this week's issue of Nature Genetics. The associated variant is located near genes encoding proteins involved in glutamate―a neurotransmitter in the brain―homeostasis, but further studies will be needed to confirm links between the identified variant and glutamate regulation Migraine is a costly neurological disorder that is characterized by recurrent attacks of severe headache. There are approximately 300 million people worldwide who undergo a migraine attack daily. Though genome-wide association studies are often used to understand genetic susceptibility in various diseases, neurological disorders are underrepresented in such studies.

Aarno Palotie and colleagues scanned the genomes of approximately 5,000 European people who had been diagnosed with various forms of migraines and identified an associated genetic variant on chromosome 8q22.1.

doi: 10.1038/ng.652

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