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Five new genetic variants associated with breast cancer

乳がんのリスクに関連する高頻度の遺伝的多型が新たに5つ同定されたことを報告する研究論文が、Nature Genetics(電子版)に掲載される。これによって、乳がんの発症リスクに関連する高頻度の多型は18個となり、これらを合わせると乳がんの家族性リスクの約8%を説明できる。一方、高い乳がんのリスクに関連する低頻度の多型全体では、さらに乳がんの家族性リスクの20%を説明できる。


D Eastonらは、乳がんのリスクに関連する高頻度の遺伝的多型を新たに同定するため、これまでで最大規模の乳がん患者に対する全ゲノム関連解析を実施した。16,536人の患者についてゲノム解析が行われ、乳がん感受性に関連する5つの遺伝子座が新たに同定された。

Five common genetic variants are newly associated with breast cancer risk, according to a report published online this week in Nature Genetics. All together, the 18 known common risk variants for breast cancer explain approximately eight percent of familial risk of breast cancer, while rare high-risk variants explain a further 20% of familial-related risk.

Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer in women from developed countries, causing approximately half a million deaths worldwide each year. Family history is a well-established risk factor for breast cancer; having a first-degree relative with breast cancer approximately doubles a woman's risk for the disease. Previous studies have identified 13 common genetic variants that are associated with increased risk of breast cancer.

In order to identify additional common risk variants for breast cancer, Douglas Easton and colleagues performed the largest genome-wide analysis of breast cancer patients to date. The authors analyzed the genomes of 16,536 patients and identified five genetic loci newly associated with breast cancer susceptibility.

doi: 10.1038/ng.586

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