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A deletion is associated with neurodevelopmental problems

15番染色体上の特定の領域の微小欠失が、発育遅延、てんかん発作など一連の神経発達障害に関連していることを明らかにした研究論文が、Nature Genetics(電子版)に掲載される。

これまでに精神遅滞、てんかん発作、統合失調症の患者の15番染色体上に比較的大きな150万塩基対の欠失があることが報告されていた。今回、ベイラー医科大学(米国テキサス州ヒューストン)のA Beaudetらは、類似した神経発達障害をもつ血縁関係のない4つの家系の10人について、15番染色体上の同じ領域に約68万塩基対の比較的小さい欠失が見つかったことを報告している。この小さな欠失で、CHRNA7遺伝子全体とOTUD7A遺伝子の一部が抜け落ちている。


A small deletion at a specific region on chromosome 15 is associated with a range of neurodevelopmental problems, including developmental delays and seizures, according to a new study published online in this week's Nature Genetics.

Previously, larger deletions that remove 1.5 million base pairs on chromosome 15 were reported in individuals with mental retardation, seizures and schizophrenia. Now, Arthur Beaudet and colleagues report that smaller deletions of about 680,000 base pairs at this region of chromosome 15 were found in ten individuals from four unrelated families that presented with similar neurodevelopmental problems. These smaller deletions remove the entire CHRNA7 gene and part of the OTUD7A gene.

Both OTUD7A and CHRNA7 are genes that are expressed in the brain. CHRNA7 encodes a protein that regulates the flow of ions in neurons; defects in this class of protein have frequently been associated with epilepsy.

doi: 10.1038/ng.481


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