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Variants in the fetal genome affect preeclampsia


今回、Linda Morganたちの研究グループは、妊娠高血圧腎症に罹患した妊婦から生まれた子どもに着目したゲノムワイド関連解析を実施し、妊娠高血圧腎症との有意な関連が認められるバリアントを新たに2つ同定した。これらのバリアントは、血管新生に関与する受容体をコードするFLT1遺伝子の近くに位置している。この受容体と似た機能を持つタンパク質が胎盤で形成され、妊娠高血圧腎症の病理に関係することは、これまでの研究で明らかになっている。Morganたちは、今回の研究で妊娠高血圧腎症のリスクと関連する遺伝的変異が初めて同定されたことを指摘して、FLT1遺伝子とそれに関連する経路の研究をさらに進めて、妊娠高血圧腎症の発症を解明していく必要があると結論づけている。

The first discovery of a fetal genetic link to preeclampsia is reported in a study published online this week in Nature Genetics.

Preeclampsia is condition in pregnancy characterized by high blood pressure and often a significant amount of protein in the urine. Although it affects 5% of pregnancies and is a leading cause of maternal and perinatal death, its causes remain poorly understood. Previous studies have focused on maternal genome sequences, but no associations with preeclampsia have been found.

Linda Morgan and colleagues performed a genome-wide association study focusing on the children of women with preeclamptic pregnancies, which allowed them to identify two novel variants that were significantly associated with preeclampsia. The variants identified were close to the FLT1 gene, which encodes a receptor that mediates the formation of new blood vessels. A form of this receptor, originating from the placenta, has been implicated in preeclampsia pathology in previous studies. The authors note that this is the first genetic variation identified as being associated with risk for preeclampsia. They conclude that their results suggest a need for further study of the FLT1 gene and related pathways to gain further understanding about the development of preeclampsia.

doi: 10.1038/ng.3895

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